How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram to Get More Views


If you also want to know how to share a Youtube video on Instagram then this article is right for you. Today I am going to talk about sharing a Youtube video on Instagram to gain more and more views.

You might be wanting more Youtube views, subscribers or channel’s awareness by sharing your Youtube video on Instagram. Although there is a very basic method of copying your video url and pasting it in everyone’s Instagram chat, But that can be annoying at times and also you will not be able to send the link to many of your followers.

The method I am going to tell here will help you in sharing a youtube video to multiple people on Instagram at once. This will help in getting the maximum number of Youtube views.

So Let’s start with the tutorial. The work is easy.

First of all you need to have your Instagram app installed on your phone with your account already logged in. You need one more app to share your Youtube video to many people on Instagram – Youtube Creator studio.

If you are a Youtuber, you must be familiar with this app. It is made for Youtube creators to manage their Youtube channel on their mobile phones.

After you log in your Youtube channel in Youtube Creators app, you just need to click on the video that you want to share on Instagram chats.

The share button present below this video will give you all options that are possible in your Phone to share the video.

Click on the Share button and find the Instagran chat option here. Click on it.

This will open a new Instagram window where you can share the video to all the people in your DM list by just clicking on the send button after their name.

This is easy to do and doesn’t takes much time. You can also search for people’s name above.

Now you also didn’t have to copy and paste the Video URL to everyone in your DM.

I hope this post on How to share a Youtube Video on Instagram helped you in saving your time. If so, share it with your friends and do bookmark this website for more interesting stuff. Thanks for reading!



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