Best Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer India in 2020


Today, I am going to tell you the top 5 Best Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer India in 2020. These fruit and sanitizer wash will definitely help you in cleaning vegetables and fruits. Easily sanitize your fruits and vegetable during this crisis.

Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash 1000 ml I 100% Natural Action, Removes Pesticides & 99.9% Germs,with Neem and Citrus Fruit Extracts

  • ITC’s NimWash Vegetable & Fruit Wash effectively washes away Pesticides and 99.9% germs from the Fruits & Vegetables
  • With 100% Natural Action and Neem & Citrus Fruit Extracts, to safely clean the veggies and fruits
  • It has No Added Artifical Dyes, Colors, Chlorine, Bleach, Soap or Preservatives
  • Safe to Use on fruits and vegetables
  • Use in 3 easy Steps. (1) Add 20 ml (Half a Cap) of Nimwash in 1 L of Water (2) Soak vegetables and fruits for 15 min (3) Rinse well under clean running water

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Veggie Clean 400 ml, 100% Safe, Scientific & Natural Vegetable & Fruit Wash Liquid | Removes 99.9% Germs, Pesticides & Waxes | No harmful Preservatives, Sulphates, Soap or Alcohol

  • A 100% safe, scientific & natural vegetable & fruit cleanser that removes 99.9% germs, pesticides, waxes
  • Certified by national & international experts as Safe & Toxic-Free
  • Made from 100% natural origin cleansers derived from coconut & corn
  • Get 80 washes in just Rs. 199. Only 5ml needed for 1L of water
  • No harmful preservatives, no soap, no sulphates, no parabens, no alcohol, no chlorine. Leaves no aftertaste, smell or residue on your produce
  • Retains the natural antioxidants & vitamins of fruits & veggies and preserves their freshness for longer

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BubbleNut Wash- Natural & Organic Fruits and Vegetables Wash Liquid ( 900 ml ) | Herbal- Made from Soapnuts,Tulsi,Neem| Sanitizer, Cleaner & Disinfectant for Fruits & Veggies- Removes germs, virus

  • Washes off all pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables’ surface that are not fully removed in plain water wash
  • Strong action of Tulsi, Neem and Haridra extracts along surface-active action of Sapoins from Soapnuts effectively remove harmful viruses, bacteria and other germs
  • D-limonene extract from orange peels dissolves synthetic wax on apples
  • No chemical cleaning agent (surfactant) used. Only cleaning agent (surfactant) used is Saponin extracts from Soapnuts. SLS-free
  • Complete list of Ingredients: Saponin Extracts from Soapnuts, D-limenene extract from Orange peels, Tulsi, Neem and Haridra extracts, Aqua, Food-grade preservative

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Dabur Veggie wash | Fruits and Vegetables washing Liquid | Removes Germs, Bacteria and Fungus | Contains 100% Safe Ingredients – 500 ml

  • It helps remove germs, bacteria and fungus from fruits and vegetables
  • It leaves no residue, preservative or smell Behind after use and helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh
  • With 100% safe ingredients , it gives a hygenic shield to the fruits and vegetables
  • The solution is chlorine free, alcohol free and soap free which helps keep the fruits and vegetable naturally fresh and healthier for consumption
  • Usage : Pour 10 ml solution in 1 L water. Soak the fruits and vegetable for 3 mins in the prepared solution
  • Rub individual pieces thoroughly with hands dipped within the solution and transfer the soaked vegetables in a strainer. Rinse thoroughly with portable water

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Bubbles Natural Fruit and Veggie Wash | Sanitize & Disinfect your Vegetables I Removes Germs; Bacteria; Fungus & Pesticides | Made with 100% Food Grade Ingredients (500ML)

  • A natural vegetable & fruit wash liquid made with 100% food grade ingredients to clean your fruits and vegetables. Removes Germs, Bacteria, Pesticides, Chemicals, Dirt and dust from the surface of fruits and veggies
  • Instructions to use: 1) Mix 10ml (2 tbsp.) of Bubbles Natural concentrate in 500ml of plain water 2) Soak the veggies in the prepared solution for just 1 minute 3) Rub individual pieces thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution 4) Rinse the water and wash the veggies under running tap water/clean water
  • Bubbles Natural Veggie & fruit cleaner elongates shelf life of fruits and vegetables by removing germs and delaying decaying process. Vegetables & Fruits are touched & contaminated by multiple hands before it reaches our home, cleaning them with Bubbles Natural is absolutely safe and all the nutrition is intact. Composition: sodium oleate, salts of carbonate, citric acid, lemon extract, non-ionic surfactant etc.
  • Quantity: 500 ml; Item Form: Liquid; Package Color: White & Blue; Target Audience: Unisex; Package Contents: 1 Vegetable and Fruit Wash

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So that was all about best fruit and vegetable sanitizer in india 2020. I hope if you like this article see this.


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